Would you like to add some height to your garden, or hide an undesirable view quickly? Honeysuckle is your answer. Just be sure it is a native honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens. Japanese honeysuckle, (Lonicera Japonica) is highly invasive and considered a noxious weed because it displaces native plant species by growing rapidly and outcompeting them for light, space, water and nutrients.

About five years ago, we were forced to remove a very large Leyland Cypress from our front border. It left a surprisingly huge area of our yard exposed to the neighbors. I wanted to add some instant privacy, and considered some different shrubs and trees, but I knew they could take several years before they filled out to achieve the desired effect. I finally hit on the idea of honeysuckle on trellises. I asked our local handyman to make me two trellises. They are very sturdy, made out of 2-by-4-inch boards with 1-by-1-inch pieces as the cross sections. The above ground parts are seven feet tall and four feet wide. We used a post hole digger to set them in the ground, and they easily support a large, heavy vine.

Barb Mrgich is a Penn State Master Gardener from Adams County. The Penn State Cooperative Extension of Adams County is located at 670 Old Harrisburg Road, Suite 204, Gettysburg, phone 334-6271.

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