These property transfers were filed in Adams County May 12-18.

Berwick Twp.

LGI Homes Pennsylvania LLC to Stephanie Moore, 78 Vintage Lane, $412,900

George Swartz II to York Rd Investments LLC, Race Track Road, $20,800

George Neiman to York Rd Investments LLC, Race Track Road, $59,900

LGI Homes Pennsylvania LLC to Eric Davis, 239 Piedmont Way, $383,900


Knouse Foods Cooperative Inc. to Ridge Rentals LLC, East Hanover St., $150,000


Henry Rajotte to Steven Groomes, 16A Bonniefield Circle, $175,000

Hayden Mowers to Nicole Orr, 48 Red Bird Lane, $165,000

Butler Twp.

Anthony Johnson to Daniel Hurkett, 840 Yellow Hill Road, $329,900

Carroll Valley

Allen Beckett to Chris Taylor, 112 Toms Creek Trail, $5,800

Abigail Bordeaux to Samual Hudson, 38 Diane Trail, $280,000

Conewago Twp.

John Rolar to Lisa Briles, 62 Hemlock Drive, $229,000

Gertrude Scholl decd co admrs to Robert O’Neill, 898 Edgegrove Road, $145,000

Freddy Mononutudukesbury to Casey Neal, 36 Galaxy Drive, $230,000

David Neumayer to Palmer T. Investments LLC, 504 Poplar St., $159,900

Joshua Murray to Ten Point Corporation Inc, 29 Hemlock Drive, $160,000

Patrick Sheaffer to Bare Saddle Acres LLC, 301 Oxford Ave., $1,850,000

Cumberland Twp.

James Hicks to Isaac Bingaman, 181 Knoxlyn Drive, $289,000

Support Services LLC to John Bilello, 95 Country Club Lane, $115,000


Vincent Bruinsma to Bradley Maze, 27 Centennial St., $241,000

Donald Wollschlager to Constance Maas, 68 Longhorn Lane, $240,000

Franklin Twp.

Susan Phillips to Slade Garretson, 55 Wagner Road, $8,000

Germany Twp.

Jordan Updyke to Connor Geiman, 973 Frederick Pike, $140,600

Linda Hans to Jane Rybka, 919 Frederick Pike, $205,000


Richard Taylor to Sean Duke, 750 Fairview Ave., $370,000

Bruce Spicer to Act II Properties LLC, 238 Baltimore St., $270,000

Rebecca Frantz to Vicki Nunemaker, 135 W. High St., $230,000

Hamilton Twp.

John Lebo to House Cash LLC, 66 Hamilton Drive, $200,000

Hamiltonban Twp.

Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007 HE2 to Mary Hanvey, 50 Five Forks Lane, $136,500

Constance Maas to James Pryor IV, 6 Banty Lane, $245,000

Highland Twp.

Pamela Divanna aka decd extrx to Richard Kreit, 255 Knox Road, $550,000

Huntington Twp.

Donna Green to Larissa Neiderer, 7390 Carlisle Pike, $480,000

Steven Marsman to Stephen Levan, 665 White Church Road, $33,250

Latimore Twp.

David Myers to Dara Myers, 35 Bushey School Road, $375,000

Liberty Twp.

Pamela Campbell aka decd extrs to Barbara Brehm, 302 Gladhill Road, $255,000


Kathryn Lawson aka to Mark Brown, 63 N. Gala, $149,900

Jeffrey Miller to Paul Cox, 160 W. King St., $162,500

Menallen Twp.

Craig Houghton to Viven Reguerin, 110 Woodview Road, $301,000

Randy Mallette to Sean Hosterman, 1487D Brysonia-Wenksville Road, $230,900

Mt. Joy Twp.

Terry Storm to Craig Cordell, 105 Roberts Road, $585,000

Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Louis Sandersaka decd co extrs to Steven Foltz, 685 Salem Church Road, $232,100

Linda Starry to Kevin Foster, 17 Pioneer Lane, $130,000

David Allwine to Brian Long, 208 Kohler School Road, $750,000

Oxford Twp.

Mary Fogle to Andrew Gawin, 10 Sherry Lane Road, $361,000

Reading Twp.

Good Hope Ventures AC LP to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC, Natures Way Circle, $165,000

Straban Twp.

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to John Daly Jr., 44 Birdseye Lane, $546,999

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Tommie Jordan III, 115 Rustic Wood Drive, $763,484

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Janet Bullen, 28 Rolling Hills Way, $400,310

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to William Bond, 44 Rolling Hills Way, $406,168

CCD Rock Creek LLC to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC, Lively Stream Way, $274,014

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Debra Rosano, 38 Rolling Hills Way, $473,700

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Lorre Hyatt, 32 Rolling Hills Way, $518,135

Tyrone Twp.

Joseph Albert to Michael Johnson, 890 School House Road, $65,000

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