These property transfers were filed in Adams County March 24-30.

Berwick Twp.

Gaspar Colonia Sierra to Francisco Magana, 80 Spicer Drive, $240,000

Joan T Ford to New Hope Ministries Inc., 154 Enterprise Drive, $968,000

Bradley W Crone to Hallie Kociemba, 70 El Greco St., $421,000


Springhill Investments LLC to Samuel A. Biesecker, 15 Penn St., $197,000

Carroll Valley

John C. Ingley to John W. Bennett, 10 Locust Trail, $3,500

Conewago Twp.

Randy L. Bankert Sr. to Thomas C. Starner, 2993 Hanover Pike, $134,000

Adam X. Cooke to Maria A. Robinson, 60 Galaxy Drive, $205,000

Cumberland Twp.

Nellie I. Catts to Diana L. Snell, 46 Woodhaven Drive, $300,250

Millicent M. Addazio m decd extrcs to House Cash LLC, 2636 Emmitsburg Road, $50,000

East Berlin

Danielle M. Birks to David Reindollar, 131 Aspen Drive, $285,000

Franklin Twp.

Jacqueline Stefan Kish to Matthew R. Anspach, 5244 Chambersburg Road, $170,000

Roland E. Hudgins to Matthew E. Piper, 760 L Buchanan Valley Road, $55,000

Germany Twp.

Wayne L. Sentz to Andrew W. Sentz, 275 Bollinger Road, $250,000

Norman N. Wantz decd extr Thomas W. Synder, 1020 Gettysburg Road, $130,000

PR Properties to FMN Properties LLC, 34 W. Middle St., $475,000

Hamilton Twp.

Andrew R. Null to Tyler M. Null, 140 Hamilton Drive, $146,000

Huntington Twp.

Jon P. Zegers II to Integrity First Home Buyers LLC, 559 Peach Glen-Idaville Road, $160,000

Latimore Twp.

Michael Trout to Lori Williams, 238 Lake Meade Drive, $450,000

Joseph W. Whitacre Revocable Living Trust to Justin Whitacre, 796 Latimore Creek Road, $200,000

Liberty Twp.

Wiley Family Revocable Trust to Jamie L. Groft, 10 Valley View Trail, $22,500


Gregory Janosko to Alexander Harrington, 124 Apple Grove Lane, $171,000

Susan D. Flickinger aka Columbus Avenue 322 Trust, 490 S Columbus Ave., $82,000

Heritage Hills II to Galen C. Krebs, 36 Stoners Circle, $440,429; 71 Stoners Circle, $431,663

Heritage Hills II to Judy Dale Alvarez, 38 Stoners Circle, $439,571


James D Kuntz to Sensenig Real Estate LLC, 605 Main St., $240,000

Stephen E. Devine to NU2U Homes LLC, 223 S Fifth St., $79,936

Menallen Twp.

Jeffrey B. Fertich to Heath E. Althoff, West Point Road, $2,000

Calvin Kelly to Michael J. Stein, 3 Staymen Drive, $400,000

Aimee L. Taylor to Eva Marie Gardner, 1001 Brysonia-Wenksville Road $109,900

Oxford Twp.

Elisa A. Laughman to Douglas E. Smith, 854 Lingg Road, $300,000

Reading Twp.

Lexington Land Developers Corp Inc to Berks at Hampton Heights LLC, Heather Lane, $299,700

Straban Twp.

Zane D. Overly to YPM Enterprises LLC, 2325 York Road, $350,000

Sean G. Cummins to Alice Q. McCullough, 404 Shrivers Corner Road, $650,000

Caruso Builder Amblebrook LLC to Gregory Charles Schrader, 250 Rustic Wood Drive, $454,777

Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Marcia Bidinger, 197 Rustic Wood Drive, $758,802

Pamela J. Vingsness to Katrina L. Wellborn, 1159 Old Harrisburg Road, $253,000

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