Land Conservancy Month Week 3

“Once you have grandkids, you quickly realize they’re the future. And, if you care about the future, you have an overwhelming desire to pass on all the knowledge, wisdom, and values that you can in the short amount of time you have with them. What better way than to climb a mountain? What they learn: 1. It’s important to prepare. 2. Nature is neat. 3. Trees are important for clean air. 4. If we’re quiet, we may see some wildlife. 5. The view from the top is worth the effort. 6. The sense of accomplishment will be a shared memory for life. And 7. Donuts all around when we get back! All these learnings (except the donuts) require open space and a rural landscape. Future life lessons will require open space, and land preserved by the Land Conservancy of Adams County provides the classroom.”—Pat Naugle The Land Conservancy of Adams County celebrates Land Conservancy Month his year by emphasizing the importance of passing on a love for our rural lands and character. You can help protect Adams County’s rural lands by bidding on art donated to the conservancy’s annual art auction, April 2-21. More information at

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