As we head into the holiday season, it’s important for us to remember the message from October’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign of being AWARE. It means worrying less about the small things, living large in the big moments — trying to embrace each, not allowing them to pass you by. I call that prioritizing the right stuff, and with all the things competing for your attention, it takes extra effort.

Taking care of yourself absolutely needs to be one of those “right stuff” priorities. Speaking from personal experience, using time, money, knowledge, skills and confidence for caring about myself never really seemed to take priority. Recently however, I’ve discovered how much better I can serve others when I am serving from a place of being better with myself. It’s a liberating message I’ve been drawn to and trying to advocate throughout my days.

Lisa Angstadt, member of Healthy Adams County Physical Fitness Task Force and volunteer for the Linda Kranias Memorial 5K inspired by Stacy Hobbs.

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