Julie Falk

Julie Falk

Last month, I wrote about a method for defining your personal life purpose in this column. A few days later, a public health study in The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that living with a strong sense of purpose cut the risk of early death in half. The researchers studied information from 7,000 older adults (ages 51-61) between the years 2006 and 2010. There was a significant link between having a sense of purpose in life and surviving through the study period. It didn’t matter what the purpose was – living with a sense that life held meaning and purpose improved health outcomes across the board. That’s pretty motivating!

If you’re interested in developing a statement of your own personal life purpose, a link to that column appears at the end of this one. Health experts have noticed the connection between purpose and physical health, but we can also use this knowledge about the meaning in our lives to make ourselves happier and more fulfilled in our every day.

Julie Falk, Ph.D., chairs Healthy Adams County’s Behavioral Health Task Force.

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