I know we are not there yet but I am already thinking about my wishlist for this holiday season. I have been telling friends and family about my wish to switch from my smartphone (aka one of the most influential devices of the current social landscape) to the old flip phone. The main reason is that I find myself thinking that my cell phone is ringing or vibrating when it is not.

I have recently learned that this is known as phantom vibration syndrome and it is possibly rooted in our basic human nature to obsess about things. Also, as every psychologist understands, we humans have a very limited cognitive bandwidth. When we focus heavily on one thing, there is less mind space to devote to other things. That is why employers, schools and other institutions have a policy about cell phone use. They want our undivided attention. We also have much well-documented evidence about the dangers of texting while driving. All of these reasons support my decision to acquire a flip phone.

Yeimi Gagliardi is a health educator for WellSpan Health and is a member of the Behavioral Task Force of Healthy Adams County.

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