WWII Artful Deception subject of program

Submitted PhotoWATERCOLOR - A 1944 watercolor painting by Arthur Shilstone, entitled Sagging Gun at Sunrise, shows members of the military's Ghost Army inspecting a product of their overnight's work. Judie Butterfield's June 21 program at the Arts Education Center will focus on how a variety of the arts were used by the military to deceive the enemy during WWII.

The Adams County Arts Council's 3rdthursdaynoon series continues on June 21, at noon with art and history enthusiast Judie Butterfield's presentation entitled, "Artful Deception in WWll: How the Allies used a variety of types of art, and the talents of the artists employing them, to deceive the Axis powers." The program will be held at the Arts Education Center, 125 S. Washington St., Gettysburg.

Judie will focus on two major battles, the invasion of Sicily in 1943 and the invasion of Normandy which took place one year later. She will show how intelligence agencies of the U.S. and Britain took advantage of the talented artists within their ranks to ensure a military advantage that resulted in their success in both instances. She will describe how theatre arts, sculpture, literature, painting, sound editing, and other artful genres were employed to deceive and confuse German and Italian forces. She will also list the contributions of the participants such as Ian Fleming, Bill Blass, Graham Greene, and Julia Child who later became well-known. She will even tell how gangster Lucky Luciano did his part.

A Gettysburg resident, Judie is a dedicated community volunteer and former President of the Adams County Arts Council Board of Directors. She credits her interest in WWll with having lived in Normandy with her career military husband a mere 16 years after the German occupation of the region. She remembers that "our landlord, our neighbors, the local shopkeepers had all lived through that terrible wartime experience." She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Auburn University and Masters degrees in Curriculum Design and Counseling from Auburn and Troy University.

The hour-long program is free and open to the public. The 3rdthursday program on July 19 will feature Chef Anna Robison who will demonstrate a roasted corn and tomato salad and coffee samples from the Ragged Edge.

The mission of the Adams County Arts Council is to cultivate an arts-rich community. For more information about Arts Council classes, summer camps, programs, or membership, visit www.adamsarts.org, or call (717) 334-5006.

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