Panoramic photographer visits Gallery 30 on First Friday

The Angle by James O. Phelps

Gallery 30, Gettysburg, will host panoramic photographer James O. Phelps during a First Friday reception on July 6.

Phelps, who specializes in capturing and artfully rendering 360 degree panoramic photographs, will be on hand to discuss his process and demonstrate his equipment. A variety of his Gettysburg-themed 1/7 ratio (height to width) panoramic photographs will also be on display and for sale, including "The Angle" a commemoration of the Copse of Trees used as the landmark for Pickett's Charge. Gallery 30 has been exclusively representing Phelp's work for over a decade.

As a student in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota, James often began a project by going out to a hypothetical site with a 35mm camera and taking a series of sequential snapshots. Then, back at the studio, with a little scotch tape and an exercise similar to laying dominos end to end, a panorama would emerge. In 1996, James took his first true panoramic photograph with a Hulcherama Panoramic Camera near Devil's Den on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

As a practice, panoramic photography holds an important distinction in the history of photography. Its origins date back to the 1840's with the Daguerreotype process, where 150 panoramic images were first captured on a silvered copper plate. George N. Barnard, a photographer for the Union Army, captured panoramic images using the wet-plate collodion process during the Civil War.

"What makes the panoramic image so unique and appreciated in the field of photography is that it's like a virtual tour; carrying your eye and interest on a visual journey through a scene" said Linda Atiyeh, owner of Gallery 30 in Gettysburg. "Jim's images of Gettysburg, with their sepia-toned richness, draw crowds of visitors year round. They give you a unique perspective of Gettysburg, unlike anything you would see in a painting or other medium."

Meet James O. Phelps, explore local art, and enjoy a wine and cheese reception at Gallery 30 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 6.

Gallery 30 is located at 26 York St., Gettysburg. Call 717-334-0335.

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