After a tumultuous three weeks, it was nice to see things settle down a bit over the Fourth of July weekend. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee had to postpone the 152nd edition of the re-enactment until early August because of wet grounds. Since we saw more rain over the weekend, it was obviously the right call. Despite some of the rumors about the cancellation being caused by the Confederate Flag controversy, it was never the case, and merely a matter of safety. The flags were never an issue because given the historical context of the battle presentation; it is always viewed as an educational experience. It was great to see the flags from both the North and South displayed over the weekend in Gettysburg. For those who think the Confederate Flag belongs only in a museum, welcome to Gettysburg, a living, breathing, thriving museum. Certainly glad to see Warner Brothers decided to not change their merchandise over the Confederate Flag flap. They say they will not be removing the confederate flag from atop the General Lee replica cars as seen in the "Dukes of Hazzard." Unfortunately, TV Land caved to the politically correct police and removed the show from its lineup. What idiots!

One of the lowlights of my Fourth of July weekend was a simple television interview I saw conducted by a reporter at a beach resort in California. The questions were Independence Day-related, and this is some of what he got: Name any one of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Answer: Abraham Lincoln. What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? Answer: 1964, and then she changed her answer to 1984. What country did the founding fathers wish to break ties with to establish independence? Answer: California. Finally, the interviewer asked an Italian tourist why American's celebrate Independence Day. Without hesitation, he answered, to celebrate independence from British rule. Sadly, those questioned were all American adults. Some walked away looking dumbfounded and never answered the questions. It certainly is pathetic when a foreign tourist knows more about American history than an American. Perhaps the American History naturalization test given those who wish to become American Citizens should be incorporated into our school curriculums. Can you pass it? Google it online and give it a try.

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