Boyds Bears, near Gettysburg

After eight years of operation, Boyds Bears Country in Cumberland Township is closing its doors.

The company informed its employees this week that the business is shutting down no earlier than Jan. 4.

Store manager Dan Baumgardner does not believe the move was related to the unstable economy, noting that “the weeks leading up to Christmas were very good.” “There were people coming in and out of the store all the time,” he said.

The decision was made at the corporate level to close the Gettysburg-area Boyds Bears, known for its large five-level barn near Emmitsburg Road-Business 15. “It’s still all very new to us,” said Baumgardner, whose staff was informed about the decision Monday.

The closure affects about 50 employees. Cumberland Township Manager Benjamin Thomas Jr. was hopeful that those staffers would soon find work.

“Anytime an economic engine such as Boyds Bears announces a closing our first thought is for those who are losing their jobs,” said Thomas, who doesn’t want to see the property left vacant for too long. “We are hopeful that these men and women are successful finding new employment and this beautiful facility can find a new commercial use or uses to, once again, generate additional jobs and stimulate our local and regional economy.”

Cumberland Board Chairman David P. Waybright noted that there have been “rumors” about the facility’s closure for weeks. “I hate to see it, but they’re in business too,” said Waybright. “They have to be profitable to be there.” “It’s a shame,” Waybright said regarding the 130,000 square-foot complex, located about five miles south of Gettysburg, atop land zoned for commercial, mixed-use development.

The Boyds Bears complex opened in 2002 along Cunningham Road, adjacent to Emmitsburg Road-Business 15. It features a five-floor barn, about 130,000 square feet, atop 123 acres of land in southern Cumberland Township.

The store’s website announced that “Boyds Bear Country” is “closing the doors to the barn early next year.”  A 50 percent “blowout” sale begins today, on everything in the store.

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I am so sorry to hear that another 50 employees will be without jobs for the New Year....I have been in Boyds a few times and have always enjoyed my stay there.....Chalk this as another failure......My question to anyone is this...How many places in the Adams County area have gone under in the past 2 years????.......While we are at it how many big companies have come aboard in the past 2 years......I have been saying this for 2 years now and I firmly believe that Adams County is a dying county..........VERY SHAME!!!!!! but I feel it is....Merry Christmas to all and Happy NEw Year.....My prayers are with the ones that are going to be without a job this new year!!!!!!

lincoln grimes

I was very saddened to hear that Boyd's Bears is closing. I have been there numerous times and found it to be a fun place. It was like revisiting the toy land of my youth. My wife and I visited there a couple of weeks ago, and bought a lot of merchandise for all the family children. I really was shocked to hear of the demise of one of the best tourist attractions near Gettysburg. I sincerely hope the former employees can find other employment soon. I would really like to know what determined the corporate decision, but whatever it was it was a huge mistake! I hope the barn can be utilized for another meaningful purpose.


I know some of those affected. This has been a rumor for some time.
Seems like a good place to move that casino, plus hire those 50 people that need a job.


I hate to see anyone lose their job but this was bound to happen. It's such a silly, frivolous, business. Sorry folks but for every middle-aged house frau that thinks bears in dresses are fantastic there are 15 of us that think it's just plain stupid.


Gburg2010..I would have to disagree with you......It was not a silly business....It made money, just like Regimental Quartermaster or any gimmick stores...If there is someone that will buy it then I think any business that employes people is good....I think the silly ones are the group of elected officals that do nothing while the whole county tanks.....


I would have to side with Heywood on the response to Gburg2010, I believe that this was a great place to take small children and let them live in a sort of fantasy land for awhile. And looking from another perspective, some people collect trading cards, some people collect Hummels and some people collect stuffed animals, what is wrong with that?


Here it is 3years later and the property is still unused. What a waste! It has absolutely gorgeous views of the countryside and mountains to the west. Where is the Adams County and Cumberland Township development team ? Great Wolf would have a wonderful addition to county tourism. A hotel ? Anything to bring in some jobs and money to the county.

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