High school is a time when it is perhaps most important for a person to develop their individual interests and skills.  It is a time when teens grow as individuals, and develop characters that will potentially follow them throughout their lives.  During high school, teens usually have to complete senior projects.  While at first such projects may seem like a huge responsibility, and the time and effort required for the projects may seem cumbersome, senior projects are actually extremely beneficial for high school students.

Senior projects enable students to really think about what they are passionate about, and encourages them to expand their skill-set and apply themselves.  Teens should really take senior projects seriously, and utilize the assignment as a way to complete a project that is truly meaningful and innovative. Completing a senior project allows students to take a hard look at what they are talented at, and put these talents to use. Therefore, these projects certainly aren’t just pointless school assignments, they are opportunities for students to demonstrate their abilities, and represent that their school fosters high-achieving, responsible students.

Furthermore, just as AP or honor courses challenge students, assigning students to work on senior projects sets high standards for students as well.  These projects help students to develop valuable skills.  For example, most senior projects require students to prepare portfolios, presentations, and an actual physical product.  These skills will certainly be transferable to the workplace and/or college. 

If taken seriously, senior projects allows students to explore possible career fields, learn to set and meet goals, and develop lasting leadership abilities.  However, it’s important for teens not to put too much stress on themselves because of them.  Working on a senior project should be an enjoyable experience.  It’s a time for teens to think deeply about what they are passionate about and learn to put such passions to use. 

So don’t stress out or complain about your senior project.  Rather, use the assignment as an opportunity to do something truly remarkable and meaningful to you.  Everyone has unique potential and capabilities, so put yours to use, and create a senior project that is venerable, remarkable, and “you.”

Jenna Welsh is a local high school student who supports and participates in NOYS - the National Organizations for Youth Safety. Jenna has experience in public, private, home and cyber education programs in the U.S. and internationally.  Jenna is the founder of J.E.Welsh Productions, offering the personalized production of Family History multi-media presentations on DVD (jewelshproductions.webs.com).


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It's a nice thought, but this is - at the very least - not true of my highschool's senior project. It has nothing to do with just about anything you mentioned, and the only skills we will really improve are our research and writing abilities. This project already seems like a burden and honestly, I feel it would be more effective to write an argumentative paper on why our school's specific topic does not fit the purpose of this project.

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