Dan Topper


Party: Registered Republican – Running on both major party tickets

Residence: Mount Pleasant Township

Employment: Assistant District Attorney

Education: Delone Catholic High School- 2001; University of Notre Dame — B.S. 2005 Premedical Studies; Hofstra University School of Law – 2010-2011; Dickinson University School of Law – Juris Doctor 2013

Political experience: Has never held public office

Community involvement: Social Club Memberships at the McSherrystown Knights of Columbus and McSherrystown Home Association. Presentations regarding Firearm safety and legal ramifications at the McSherrystown Fish and Game Association and the Green Springs Rod and Gun Club.

What makes you the best candidate? I am the best candidate because I have the training and experience necessary to be a knowledgeable, fair, and impartial jurist. In addition to being the only candidate with a law degree, I am the only candidate that is a Pennsylvania Bar member. I am currently also fortunate enough to hold the title of Assistant District Attorney for Adams County. I have successfully prosecuted many cases and have a very high rate of success in front of the Pennsylvania Appellate Courts. Prior to my tenure as a prosecutor, I clerked for Adams County President Judge Michael George. As a result of that experience and my bar exam preparation, I not only have an extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, but a working knowledge of civil law as well. While it is not possible to know each and every tenet of the law, my training and experience in appellate advocacy allow me to find and interpret case law that may be critical to deciding a matter. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, my current position holds the responsibility to not only advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but to ensure that justice is done. That practice allows me to believe that I am the best candidate to continue to carry on Judge Bowman’s track record of fair and just decisions. On election day, I hope you will agree.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? I think the largest issue facing the office I’m seeking, as well as other public offices, is a lack of trust in the justice system. The law is complicated and getting more complicated all the time. It is incredibly difficult for many people to understand why the law says what it does and why outcomes are what they are. It is absolutely critical that those that hold positions of public importance within the framework of the legal system continue to inspire public trust in outcomes that are just and correctly decided. Magisterial offices are certainly not immune to the ever growing complexities of the legal system and those members of the public that find themselves in those courtrooms are going to have to trust their officials to bolster public trust and justify decision making in a way that makes sense to people. The legal system has never been more stressed than it is today with decisions of great magnitude so often present at all levels of our justice system. Magistrates are going to have to work hard to continue on the tradition of sensible decision making within the boundaries of the law that retiring Judge Bowman has so exemplified during his time on the bench.

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