Amanda Lee-Milner


Party: Democrat

Residence: Latimore Township, Gardners

Employment: Farmer

Education: Bermudian Springs High School — 1995; Lebanon Valley College (B.A. — English) — 1999; University of Georgia (Masters in Mass Communications — Public Relations) — 2000

Political Experience: Bermudian Springs School District Director — July 2020 to present

Community involvement: Bermudian Springs Elementary School PTO; Bermudian Springs Elementary School classroom volunteer, Monaghan Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Cooperative Wool Growers, Lake Meade Cub Scout Pack 88

What makes you the best candidate? I am asking for your support to continue serving on the Bermudian Springs School Board because I am committed to the vision of the Bermudian Springs School District. As a proud graduate of the district, I have seen the many accomplishments that the community has made possible for our students, teachers, and staff from 1995 to today. I want to continue to build on that excellent work, improving student outcomes while being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. I will continue to solicit feedback from the entire community: taxpayers, parents, staff, teachers, and students to make sure that the board is making well-informed decisions based on both the need for sound educational investments for the students and the need to maximize the limited resources we have as a district. Through my volunteer efforts with the PTO, I learned about what makes the district work and seen firsthand how Board decisions impact our schools. I have gotten to know the teachers, staff, administrators, bus drivers, and maintenance personnel. I have also been able to spend time in the classrooms working with students and meeting families. I decided to apply for an appointment to the Board when a seat came open due to a retirement because I felt my skills and expertise would be an asset. I want to continue to give my time and energy to support the Board’s commitment to excellence and work to make the district the very best it can be for everyone in the community.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? Bermudian Springs faces challenges that all schools are facing as part of the Covid-19 pandemic: educating students given government constraints, learning loss due to interrupted traditional education, teacher/staff/bus driver shortages, and debates over masking. In addition, the board continues to need to do one of its core functions, which is to manage the budget and maintain the sound fiscal operations of the district and treat taxpayers fairly. I pushed for a 0% tax increase for 2021-22 to limit the financial burden on residents. The board must also prepare students to be productive, educated members of our community. This preparation includes diversified education opportunities through the Adams County Technical Institute, advanced academic opportunities through our College in High School program, technology education through the One to World initiative, and positive behavior modeling through SOAR. The school board represents and brings together the various groups that make up our community: students, parents, taxpayers, teachers, and administrators. One of the hardest jobs of the board, is negotiating the interests of these stakeholders while adhering to local, state, and federal rules/mandates. As a Board member I will continue to face all challenges openly and honestly, listening to opinions and viewpoints from all sides of an issue. While we do not have to be in common agreement on every topic, the district can only improve when we can acknowledge and embrace our differences and still come together for the betterment of our community.

Milner is one of two candidates running for one open spot representing Region 1 on the Bermudian Springs School Board.

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