Party: Cross Filed: Republican/Democratic Position seeking:Director Littlestown School District

Residence: Union Township, Barts Church Rd

Employment: Retired Teacher

Education: Towson University

Political experience: Littlestown School District Board, LIU Board of Directors

What makes you the best candidate? I am committed to continuing the vision of the board and the district. Our students deserve the best education possible. The school district seeks to make sure each student can follow their preferred career path whether it is college or a trade school. The years I have spent on the board have been rewarding and a learning experience. A good school board member should be able to work as a team of 9 members. Each member should be able to question, review, listen, and then make a good decision.

We,as a board, work hard to provide , great curriculum choices, while working on plans to update our facilities. I believe we can provide a quality education while staying on a budget.

I have been a resident in Littlestown for 40 years. My three children received their education from the school district. I feel that the education my children received in Littlestown was outstanding and provided a good foundation for continued learning.

I want this same advantage for all the students of our district.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? There are several issues facing the Littlestown School District.

First, we must look at our facilities. At Littlestown we are in the starting phase of a building project. Our high school is in need of major renovations and our middle school, having served our district for many years, is no longer meeting the needs of our students. We need to work together with the community to build a new structure which will fulfill the needs of our students and their education, while being mindful of the fiscal responsibility of the taxpayer in the district. The board has been financially planning for a new building for several years.

Second we must work with the administration ,faculty and staff to make sure the health of our district employees and students are being met. This world pandemic has caused challenges never before seen in educational classrooms. Our teachers have been asked to teach in different ways using several different types of technology, all staff members have had to change or modify their procedures and our administrators have had the daily challenge of working with everyone to provide the best education for our students. Providing services for the mental health of our students will improve the academic health of our district.

Finally we must work within the tax system of PA, which unfortunately puts a heavy burden on local taxpayers, to provide a quality education for students. We are forced to pay charter school payments in excess of $1 million for what is advertised as a free education. The local school districts pay this every year. We need charter school reform as well as tax reform. We are always working to make sure our students get the education needed while balancing our budget and providing funds within our means. We all know the cost of goods and services are escalating. This makes balancing the budget more difficult year by year without eliminating programs and staff.

In today’s society it is important for all students to have the opportunity to decide their career path. Some students choose college to continue their education while others wish to work in the trades or similar careers. Our students can excel in whichever choice they make while in high school. We continue with the vision of our district “Empower all learners to pursue their passion.” It is important to continue this tradition at Littlestown.

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