Party: Democrat

Residence: McSherrystown

Employment: Landscaper

Community involvement: Volunteer Firefighter

What makes you the best candidate? I am not a politician; I am your neighbor who wants to see positive change in McSherrystown.

Although I am listed on your ballot as a Democrat, I am supported by both Democrats and Republicans as I am willing to respectfully discuss the problems facing our community will others, no matter their political affiliation.

With experience as a volunteer firefighter, I value and respect our first responders.

While my opponent criticized the value of our K-9 officer, I stood-up with my neighbors and fought to continue the donation funded program. I will continue to stand-up with you and for you.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? Among the important issues facing the office are fiscal responsibility, public safety, and transparency.

For years, McSherrystown was advertising a budget that appeared to be balanced but was in fact being supported by funds transferred from our reserve accounts. This not only demonstrates a lack of fiscal responsibility, but also a lack of transparency. My plan is to cut irresponsible spending and research and implement ways to replenish the depleting reserves.

To combat the lack of transparency, I will advocate for information to be more readily accessible via increased use of our website, social media, and newsletters.

As a police supporter, I look forward to working with, not against, our police department to implement programs supporting positive community involvement.

Although these are only a few of the issues facing the office I am seeking, with your support, I am eager to address these and many more.

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