Kenneth Hassinger


Party: Republican (cross-filed)

Residence: New Road, Franklin Township

Employment: Chief-Cumberland County

Education: IUP, Pa State Police Academy

Political experience: Current president of Gettysburg Area School Board

Community involvement: Past Little League President

What makes you the best candidate? I bring both a fiscal and common sense approach to the board. I navigated a budget for the past four years as well as all the issues that presented themselves to our board. I will continue to take a common sense approach and will work towards a budget resolution that will provide a pathway for not only the current board but future boards to a budget that is balanced, based on revenue and not continue to burden our community with up and down tax increases.

I have been committed to service, having served 25 years with the Pennsylvania State Police, working in Adams County. Upon my retirement, I found that I had the desire continue to serve and believe I have the skills and temperament to continue to serve the students, staff and community. We have a fantastic district that provides a quality education and it is deeply rooted in our community. I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure Gettysburg Area School District maintains its level of excellence.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? The budget continues to be the challenge. The increase of service and unfunded mandates provides the board with a small percentage of discretionary expenditure’s. It is the board responsibility to represent students, staff and the community, balancing the representation requires focus, common sense and fiscal responsibility.

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