Kaye E. Thornton


Age: 52

Lives: East Berlin, originally form Camp Hill

Education: Graduated from the Pennsylvania State School System.

Family: Married to Keith Thornton; son, Eli Thornton; daughter, Ella Thornton

Job: Owner of M’Lady’s Parlor in Gettysburg, our “little bit of everything” shop.

Job’s rewards: Satisfying customer needs for period attire, putting a smile on everyone’s face, seeing people feeling accepted for who they are, locating and securing specialty objects for clients.

Job’s frustrations: Too many needs not enough time, supply stores closing due to the pandemic, supply chain interruptions form foreign trade barriers.

First Job: Babysitting for local neighborhood and church families.

Favorite food: Greek salad with spinach pie

Pets: 2 cats, Agatha Christy and Beatrix

Hero: Jane Thornton, mother-in-law because she modeled how to be a Godly wife and mother.

Hobbies: sewing, stamping, making jewelry, cooking,

Pet Peeves: spitting, body odor, littering

Collects: sewing machines, fabric, patterns, craft materials, antiques, earthen crocks

Best Friend: Eileen Aronhalt, because without her there is no M’Lady’s Parlor

Would like to have witness what event in history? I would have like to have witnessed August 12, 1851. That is when Isaac Singer submitted the pattern for his first sewing machine.

Event that changed your life: Franklin County Fair of 1991, the first time I met Keith Thornton.

Scariest Moment: March 28, 1979; the Three Mile Island accident and having to walk home from school not knowing what the future would bring.

First Memory: I disliked the first day of Kindergarten because I didn’t like to be confined and wanted to be a “Social Butterfly:”.

Trait from parents: The inability to remember the punch line of a joke.

Piece of advice to live by: Be too stupid to be offended by anyone.

Who needs a hug: Everyone!

Favorite Author: Too many to decide

Favorite Spot-on Earth: M’Lady’s Parlor

Website most visited: Etsy

Concert tickets to see: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

One bad habit: Time management

3 items on my bucket list: visit The National Quilt Museum, KY; visit Lehman’s Country Store in Ohio, visit Scotland to learn about lace.

Five minutes with: Nancy Zieman, she started sewing with Nancy and founder of Nancy Notions.

Skill or lesson to learn learn? To knit

What would people find surprising about you? No surprises because what you see is what you get.

What would make this world a better place? Use social media in a positive way…if you don’t have anything nice to say then remain silent and stop the bullying.

Best piece of news to share: Pumpkin spice flavor is everywhere.

How would you like to be remembered? I was kind and went out of the way to help others and always will to teach someone to sew.

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