Ryan J. Morris


Party: Republican

Position seeking: Gettysburg Area School District- Director

Residence: Orrtanna

Employment: Tripwire Operations Group/Washington Township Police Department

Education: B.A. Criminal Justice/Mercyhurst University

Political experience: Minimal

Community involvement: Boy Scout- Troop 70, Assist with the Young Marines

What makes you the best candidate? I believe a great school board member communicates their actions to the community, focuses on what is best for the students, has a clear vision for the district, works to adopt a fiscally sound district budget and works well as a team member. I have been a Police Officer/Bomb Technician for 24 years as well as the owner of the Gettysburg based, Tripwire Operations Group. I believe these careers have provided me the life experiences and tools to effectively discharge the assertions made above.

I have five children in the Gettysburg School district who are currently in grades 2,3,5 and 7 so I have a vested interest in seeing all of the district’s students succeed at the highest level.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? First and foremost, I think it is important that we strongly encourage factual instruction of American history and civics using documents and principles to which this great nation was founded upon to educate this generation and the future leaders of our country, while facing today’s challenges, and preparing students to meet them with all the appropriate knowledge and tools. This statement comes from my firsthand observations of teacher lead instruction of one of my children’s remote learning sessions. The teacher was passionate about the subject, which is very much appreciated, however, they allowed their personal opinions and beliefs to begin to flood into the lesson, which should not be the case. Our children deserve unbiased, factual instruction, regardless of personal feeling. I feel politics should not be discussed in the classroom.

Secondly, I believe instruction should be in person. Understanding that COVID forced everyone to be home and was not anticipated, I feel my children have not been challenged enough while this remote learning has been taking place.

Third, I believe a hard look at NOT raising taxes is in order. Enough said.

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