On your latest trip to pick up mail in several Adams County locations, you may have noticed the Gettysburg Times vending machine outside your local post office is gone.

The U.S. Postal Service recently informed the Times, and possibly other newspapers across the country, that it is enforcing regulations it says were established in 1978, “prohibiting commercial vending and the unauthorized depositing of literature.”

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Postal employees countrywide are avid newspaper fans.

You will never find a higher percentage of the demographic so accomplished at solving newspaper puzzles as at the Post Office!

Hence, the USPS seeks to limit availability of reading and puzzling materials to bored clerks and mail handlers throughout the nation as they trudge through their 8 hour shifts. This systematic attempt to keep Postal employees ignorant and bored has failed miserably. The Post Office did not, in it's collective wildest imaginations, ever think clerks and mail handlers would opt to subscribe to newspapers at a lower price.

USPS officials continue to enforce this ill-thought-out edict despite the overwhelming evidence that newspaper stands and the P.O. form a wonderful symbiotic, mutually advantageous financial relationship.

Just my thots from the blue, blue sky.


Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press.

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