Marriage licenses

• William Swallow, 43, of Milton, and Tiffany Berneisen, 38, of Muncy.

• Matthew Rippon, 35, of Milton, and Brooke Cates, 27, of West Chillisquaque Township.

• Ryan Bordell, 31, of Paxinos, and Ethel Long, 38, of Paxinos.

• Lisa McCollum, 49, of Sunbury, and Scott Schaeffer, 55, of Rockefeller Township.

• Ryan Quinn, 48, of Coal Township, and Lori-Ann Lamberti, 49, of Coal Township.

Deed transfers

• Herbert D. Erdman, Beatrice J. Shenuski and Beatrice J. Erdman to Ashley N. Turner, Ashley R. Turner and Cyrus K. Turner, property in Turbot Township, $1.

• Paul O. Beachel Jr. and Eve M. Beachel to Paul O. Beachel Jr., property in Turbot Township, $5,500.

• Donald D. Pentz and Evelyn J. Pentz to Tanner J. Feaster, property in Delaware Towsnhip, $1.

• David E. Rupert, James A. Rupert and Ernest D. and Diann E. Rupert Real Estate Protector Trust to James A. Rupert, property in Delaware Township, $1.

• Elizabeth Mary Martin and Steven Douglas Martin to Jocelyn Elizabeth Osterhoudt, property in Milton, $1.

• Harold W. Welliver and Nancy J. Welliver to Welliver Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust and Timothy W. Welliver, trustee, property in Lewis Township, $1.

• MDDS Enterprises LLC to Jennifer King and Susanne King, property in Turbot Township, $1.

• Shirley M. Kocher estate, Deanne M. Snyder, executrice, Lisa R. Pontius, executrice, and Ronda L. Snyder, executrice, to Brandon Kurtz and Nicole Unroe, property in Delaware Township, $1.

• Rovendale Ag Store Rental LLC to Rovendale Ag Store LLC, property in Delaware Township, $1.

• Donald M. Prowant to Brent A. Frey and Erica L. Frey, property in Delaware Township, $60,000.

• Cindy L. Souder and Cindy L. Kurtz to Shawn M. Hartman and Mandy R. Hartman, property in Milton, $1.

• Edward A. Winter and Faye A. Winter to Trent C. Zimmerman, property in Watsontown, $1.

• Helen Gail Roush-Buck, agent, and Christy Taraschi by agent to Steven R. Hemrick, property in Turbot Township, $1.

• Swans Haven No. 5 LLC to Agustin Alejo, property in Kulpmont, $12,000.

• William J. Mayton Sr. to Hanna E. Halderman, property in Coal Township, $71,000.

• Richard J. Tasker estate and Edward W. Reichenbach, executor, to Douglas E. Glass, property in Coal Township, $37,500.

• Ryan L. Fultz to Amos S. Zook and Amanda B. Zook, property in Washington Township, $155,000.

• Sharon L. Dalesandro and Sharon L. Knarr to Sharon L. Knarr, property in Upper Mahanoy Township, $1.

• AR Property Holdings LLC to Dean A. Barnett and Donna M. Barnett, property in Sunbury, $1.

• Herman C. Ballantine estate, Joseph Ballantine, individually and executor, and Tina S. J. Showers, trustee, to Timothy Showers and Tina Showers, property in Jordan Township, $1.

• Herman C. Ballantine estate, Joseph Ballantine, individually and executor, and Vanessa M. Ballantine to Stephen Berthelsen, property in Shamokin, $1.

• Dennis B. Toter to Darlene Collazo, property in Mount Carmel, $12,000.

• Juliann B. Wanzie to Juliann Gomboski and Maribeth Mrozek, property in Kulpmont, $1.

• Maryellen Paulhamus to Charles W. Reed and Paula C. Reed, property in Sunbury, $1.

• Joyce S. Kahler to Diane M. Maurer, property in Upper Mahanoy Township, $1.

• Glenn Moyer to Jonathan B. Kennedy, property in Sunbury, $1.

• Ruth J. Latsha estate, Bonnie Sue Ford, executor, Sherry L. Lebo, executor, and Sherry Lynn Strausser to Bonnie Sue Ford and Sherry L. Lebo, property in Coal Township, $1.

• Bonnie Sue Ford and Sherry L. Lebo to Bonnie Sue Ford and Eric M. Strausser, property in Coal Township, $1.

• Shamokin City to Kolya Kramarenko, property in Shamokin, $250.

• Shamokin City to Kolya Kramarenko, property in Shamokin, $1,250.

• BDL Properties LLC to Michael B. Smith and Meghan E. Smith, property in Mount Carmel Township, $285,000.

• Helen R. Royer and Jack Schleig to Jack Schleig, property in Shamokin, $1.

• Arthur T. Thomas and Lynette M. Thomas to Arthur T. Thomas and Lynette M. Thomas, property in Upper Augusta Township, $1.

• Christina M. Bucher and Barry D. Bucher to Brandon M. Bucher and Matthew J. Bucher, property in Mount Carmel Township, $1.

• Dariah Jane Korbich to Robert Junior Suriel Aquino, property in Coal Township, $14,000.

• Wilfred E. Beury and Shirley K. Beury to Todd S. Ellison, Cassondra A. Ellison, David A. Andreychik and Valerie M. Andreychik, property in Rush Township, $330,000.

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