Indoctrination is defined as the act of indoctrinating or teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view. This type of action occurs in many third world countries, such as North Korea where parents of students are punished, sometimes by being sent to prison if a teacher feels a student is not pledging their loyalty to their supreme leader in a strong enough voice. Folks, look out, as now this type of indoctrination has come to Gettysburg College in the form of Gettysburg College Professor Kathleen Iannello. That's right from public statements from Iannello, and past statements of her students; do not enter her class with any right-leaning or conservative views or you will be intimidated and likely fail her course. Parents of Gettysburg College students watch out if your child takes Iannello's course; you could be punished if they do not line up and pledge allegiance to the god that is Hillary at the beginning and end of Iannello's class.

Iannello, a political science professor, wrote an editorial announcing she will not even try to treat Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump equally.

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Everything said here is true; can someone defend this? How about Ms Iannello?

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