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James Rife

How totalitarian of you, Jack! Doug has a fantastic social media presence in which he directly interacts with his constituents. You actually are against him doing that? And I thought we lived in a free country...


His page has almost nothing to do with state issues. It's almost all dominated by national ones, IF he posts about an 'issue.' If you've spent any semblance of time reviewing his page, you'd know that most of it is just lazy reposts of memes. Occasionally he shares something about the military which is nice. Many of the people on the page are not even from Pennsylvania, much less the 33rd District. To call it "interacting with his constituents" is uninformed at best. It's not even possible to tell who is a constituent on that page unless you individually check each person to see where they live. Doug also has an OFFICIAL State Senate page, just like Torren's official Rep. page. If it really was about "interacting with constituents," there's the place to do it.

James Rife

Uh, Doug does post on his OFFICIAL Senate page every day, but you already know that. The 'Fighting for Freedom' page is his personal political page that he has used since January 2018, when he ran for Congress, so nobody cares what you or anybody else suffering from sour grapes syndrome thinks about it. At any rate, nearly, 50,000 people follow it, so I would call that a success!!!!

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