Favors Taylor and Shearer

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

When considering who to vote for in May, don’t discount one of the most important positions on the ballot – that of republican state committee member. When filled with candidates who have the backbone to stand up to established norms (which often involve established relationships that lead to shady deals, if not out-and-out corruption), the committee holds the key to true reform across the state GOP. But, the right people must be there at the right time.

That time is now. Adams County has two candidates for republican committee who have proven in their first term that they can make changes simply by standing up for their core beliefs and making good on their promises.

Those two candidates are Trevor Taylor and Debbie Shearer.

Both are seeking re-election to republican state committee after spending four years fighting for “We the People” – giving us a voice when others refuse to listen. Many who have gone before them have simply relinquished their votes – and thus our voices – to those reinforcing the status quo. This most often included the practice of candidate “endorsements.” These endorsements have historically been provided to those chosen — bought and paid for by elitist political hacks.

Trevor Taylor and Debbie Shearer ran on a promise NOT to endorse republican candidates. They want to give republican voters a chance to be involved with who they want to represent them, and indeed, to give citizens who are not among the “chosen” and yet believe they are qualified a chance to run for office themselves. Keeping this promise took strength of character and a backbone that few of their predecessors and/or cohorts in the committee have ever displayed. This year, largely because of Trevor’s and Debbie’s initiative, the republican state committee did NOT endorse candidates and we, the people, are better off for it.

Both Trevor Taylor and Debbie Shearer are passionate, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment conservatives with no agenda other than the health and welfare of our state and our country. This year, more than ever, we need them and many more like them to keep the radical leftist agenda out of our towns, cities, and schools – and yes, our private lives.

The voters depend on candidates like Trevor Taylor and Debbie Shearer to come through for them. These are the right candidates at the right time. Please come through for them at the polls.

Cynthia Ayers,


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