Disgusting and shameful

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

What Pa. GOP members did, to shuffle some papers around and avoid the crisis topic of our time and day was disgusting and shameful. To not even show up to put an honest vote on it. Something we’d all like to see so badly in Pa. and beyond — action. But no Pa. Republicans choose to kick the can down the road; Bryan Cutler, Rob Kauffman- sad, sad, sick, sick. Have you tried to picture what an assault rifle does to defenseless children, teachers, and worship-goers?

It’s a disgrace to Pa. constituents and citizens in general for our government officials to avoid and contradict the facts that the majority of Pennsylvanians and Americans believe and agree on one thing: there should be better gun laws regarding AK-47s and background checks in our country. What a sham! Spineless party politics lives on. Pathetic all around performance, Pennsylvania Republicans.

Paul Shull,


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