Vlad the Impaler

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

The Tuesday, May 10, 2022 letter to the editor submitted by Michael Hutchinson called Putin Vlad the Impaler. May the name be accurate please? Putin is Vlad the Invader.

I doubt that President Zelenski is thrilled to be told that he “plays well with the Castro crowd”. Perhaps Che. Personally I would prefer being called “the pretender” instead of “Vlad the Impaler.” A quality Zelenski has that Putin does not is the courage to stand with his people. Putin is hiding at home with a nice bed, food, water, heat and many guards to protect his murderous back. Perhaps he has a bunker.

I prefer a trained actor and professional comedian to a murderous monster who appears to be channeling his inner Timur, Genghis or Atilla. Putin hasn’t actually been to war or fought for freedom. Killing is another story.

At least Zelenski has the courage to stand with his people and not a country away.

Linda Dillon,


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