Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Your front-page article on the “Trump Train” passing through Gettysburg made it seem like a spirited pep rally. Let me share what I witnessed: 52 bumper-to-bumper cars and trucks, honking horns continually for the duration of my street. Angry men packed shoulder to shoulder in military-style vehicles waving the Confederate flag, brandishing firearms and shouting the F word at my neighbors with yard signs representing a different point of view. It reminded me of TV footage of ISIS caravans rolling into Iraqi villages with the intent to terrorize and intimidate. The only difference was that these angry men were our fellow American citizens.

Robin Wagner,


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James Rife

What a pack of lies! The only thing that is true in this diatribe is that we had 52 vehicles in our convoy. The rest never happened, and there was certainly no firearms involved. The military vehicle was a surplus Army Deuce and a Half cargo truck. We did not have M1A1 tanks, or any other armored vehicles, even though that would have been cool if we had!

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