After graduating from high school, he enrolled in a community college EMT program. Upon graduation, he accepted a position with a municipal fire and rescue department. After gaining some experience, his next goal was to enroll in the state-level program to become an EMT trainer.

The training program was rigorous and challenging. It pushed him mentally, emotionally, and physically. Upon graduation he was immediately assigned to a regional EMS department. He took seriously a comment from a long-retired EMT captain who addressed the graduating class. Captain MacNamara told them, “Now is when the real work begins. This is when you can and will make the most of your training and fulfill the potential within you.” That became his goal. From the first day on the job, he looked for every opportunity to be involved. He decided that there would be no request he’d refuse, no challenge he’d decline, and no prospect left unexplored.

Dr. Mike McGough is a retired York College professor who currently works as a leadership consultant.

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