Donald Trump is on his way to losing the Presidential election by about six million votes. That means the Republican Party has won the popular vote for President only one time since 1988. With that number of losses you would think that the Party would want to re-look at its agenda and consider reforms to rebuild and expand its coalition. After all, Parties want to win, and to do so they need to listen to the electorate and adapt their messages accordingly. Yet that will not happen with the Republican Party. They can keep their agenda and meet their goals even while losing the majority of voters. They have no incentive to change. Let’s look at why this is the case.

The framers of our Constitution built into the document some undemocratic principles in order to protect minority rights. These principles have created incentives for Republicans to reject change. They can win the Presidency despite getting fewer votes. They can also win the Senate while receiving fewer votes nationally. The same is true of the House, and they can control the balance of state legislatures despite getting fewer votes.

R. Tom Deloe is a resident of Cumberland Township.

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