Michael Cooper-White


There’s an old story that makes its rounds in theological seminaries. A pious fellow was fervent in faith but flunking all his courses. The school’s dean had to break the news that the faculty was dismissing the student for academic failure. “But Dean,” the dejected aspiring minister said, “while still a farmer I saw the cloud formation GPC, go preach Christ.” “I’m sorry, but I think you misinterpreted the sign,” the dean responded. “It meant go plow corn!”

Pennsylvania’s 33rd district state senator, Douglas Mastriano, is contemplating a run to become the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. He’s traveling all over the state speaking and raising money. A recent fundraiser in Chambersburg featured Rudy Giuliani, at the very time the FBI launched an intense investigation of the Trump lawyer for his dealings with Ukrainian oligarchs. Shortly thereafter, Mastriano claimed Trump’s declaration of support, prompting a corrective press release by the former president stating he has made no candidate endorsement.

An Adams County resident who also lives part-time in New York City, Cooper-White is President Emeritus of United Lutheran Seminary and Director of Lutheran Formation at Union Theological Seminary. The opinions expressed in these columns are his own.

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James Rife

Ah yes, the weekly hit job in Doug. And you wonder why folks in Adams County at large consider this paper a liberal rag.

James Rife

Michael here wouldn't know a "heavenly sign" if one fell out of the sky and smacked him on the top of his head.

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