Jim Hale

I’m not a fan of the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

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James Rife

Well said, Harry! And Adam, you are very naive and have a lot to learn. Democrats like Biden don't care about small town America...they care only about power and control, as his campaign staff revealed during his "visit" and by booting you and Alex from the event. That really should be an eye opener for you about the true nature of these people. It wasn't about COVID19 at all...it was about controlling the "narrative" and keeping pesky local reporters like you and Alex at bay, since you might ask uncomfortable questions like those you mentioned, especially about the Confederate monuments, and in turn relying upon a compliant and complicit National press pool (which has ZERO credibility) to carry their water with favorable coverage. The whole event itself was dishonest since Biden never actually made it to Gettysburg or the battlefield itself, but went to a golf course lodge 7 miles away, and then slipped away again in the dark. Gettysburg just got used as a prop and nothing more. So you might want to wake up about what went on.

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