Life had given her the opportunity to experience both successes and failures. She once said, “The successes were more fun, but I learned more from the failures.” She played a variety of roles for those who hired her. For some she was a consultant. For others she was an advisor or a mentor. And still for others she was just someone to talk to, while they shared problems and discussed potential solutions, or considered options for some new venture. For most of her clients she was a combination of things.

Her clients included Fortune 500 companies, Mom & Pop businesses, individuals who found themselves in tough spots, and entrepreneurs trying to enter or make their way in business. She treated them all the same. For some it was a one-shot deal, and for others their working relationship spanned years. She once said that for some clients she hit proverbial homeruns, while for others she barely made it to first base.

Dr. Mike McGough is a retired York College professor who currently works as a leadership consultant.

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