It remains true – tough times are for tough people. That’s not all; tough times reveal a lot about one’s character, integrity, honesty, steadfastness, etc. or lack thereof. And we’ve seen plenty of proof in recent months. The Constitution was written, approved, and enacted by 39 brave men of courage and conviction. The fledgling nation had tried to function under the Articles of Confederation, but the Articles proved unable to provide for adequate governance of 13 separate States. (Remember, at that time, and still today, a “state” was typically a full country, not the kind of geographic political unit we think of in today’s America – it’s why we were, and still are, called “The United States of America.”)

It fell to delegates from the 13 former colonies to convene a Constitutional Convention, aimed at revising and strengthening the failed Articles of Confederation, so we could both govern ourselves internally and earn/assume our rightful place among the nations of the world. That meant fashioning a stronger federal government – but one where the respective States were a cooperating and participating part of a whole rather than 13 competing, and jealous of one another, entities.

Bud Nason lives in Littlestown, is a Conservative Thinker and an Adams County Voter. E-mail him at

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