Michael Cooper-White


In high school and college, I was one of those geeky sorts who got excited by courses in physics and astronomy. A month-long intensive course in the latter subject during my freshman year in college proved particularly invigorating. Night after night we ascended to the roof of the science building and turned our moderately powered telescopes toward the heavens. Did I mention this was in January? And that I attended school in Minnesota?

My interest in things celestial got piqued again recently when the 2020 Nobel prize in physics was awarded to a trio of scientists. The three—an American, German and a Brit—are experts in the unfathomable phenomena referred to as “black holes.”

An Adams County resident who also lives part-time in New York City, Michael Cooper-White is President Emeritus of United Lutheran Seminary and Director of Lutheran Formation at Union Theological Seminary. The opinions expressed in these columns are his own.

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