This is not Russia. It is not China. This is the United States of America. Yet we are experiencing censorship by all-powerful, uncontrolled, tyrannical, dictatorial companies.

Looking at our own PA history, we know how bad monopolies can be. Oil, coal and iron were controlled by Robber Barons. Rockefeller is a good history lesson, if you care to study him. He was smart and controlled the oil world, Standard Oil, from the wellhead, through transport and to the finished product. Consider Titusville, Cory and Williamsport. Rockefeller told the oil drillers how much he was going to pay for a barrel of oil, how much to transport it and what would be the sale price of the final end product. The Tidewater pipeline finally broke Rockefeller’s grip.

Will Tallman is a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (R-Adams) and current Chair of Adams County Republican Committee.

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