Theirs’ was a unique team. They were all retired environmentalists. Each had a distinguished professional career. They were literally a team of retired environmental all stars. Their work was significant, and the counseling, support, and information they provided mattered. It was high-stakes by any and all measures. The organizations they supported were both governmental and from the private-sector.

As a team, the nature of their work invited, even demanded, a high level of trust and respect. No idea was too far outside the box, everyone’s opinions mattered, and individual openness was part of their operational protocols. There was almost nothing that they kept from each other. They were professionally close, and as a result they became personally close as well. The level of camaraderie among the team members was remarkable. It helped them through some difficult professional challenges. Over the first three years that they were together, they had faced scenarios that would have stymied teams that did not share the mutual confidence and deference that they had.

Dr. Mike McGough is a retired York College professor who currently works as a leadership consultant.

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