The trial is over, but the story remains very much alive. It stands as a stark reminder of how far so much of our mainstream media has fallen from being a (relatively) trustworthy, reliable source of accurate information to a being a mere propaganda arm of today’s version of the Democratic Party. Just when you think they can’t get any more hypocritical and dishonest, they do – and they’re very good at it. Witness some of the whoppers they trotted out in their attempts to mind-mold us. 1. Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist. But, where’s the evidence? That’s right; there is none. Then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden ran with it, has never recanted, and may face a (deserved) defamation civil lawsuit. 2. Rittenhouse had no family in Kenosha, and (apparently) therefore no business, either. Wrong; as we all now know, his father lives and works in Kenosha, as do other family members. 3. Here’s one they implied, i.e., that he lives so far away that it makes no sense to be there. Truth: While Rittenhouse lives in Antioch, IL, not Kenosha, WI, the two cities are only 14 miles apart, comparable to the distance between our own Gettysburg and Littlestown. 4. The gun he carried was illlegal – simply not true. 5. He chased the rioters (yes, they were rioters, not “demonstrators.”) No, all the video shows them chasing him – and more. 6. He attacked the rioters. No, the video shows exactly the reverse. 7. His “victims” were black. Again, the video shows they were all white – aside from the individual (Mr. “White-Pants,” who jumped him and tried to stomp his face into the street – but was never put on the stand by the prosecutors. Yep (aside from our own Gettysburg Times and a handful of others) the mass media did themselves proud – and demonstrated why we, the public, have no reason ever to believe what yarns they spin or lies they spew.

But the larger story remains with the judge and jury – that, despite all the death threats and insults, they resisted the unrestrained pressure, especially from the media, their political allies, and the ill-informed larger public, to cave to the mob and convict. This took courage, and although the stories are different, reminds us of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” with Atticus Finch defending an innocent black man, not because he was black, bur because he was innocent. The moral of “Mockingbird” was that just people, in a just society, do the right thing, the right way, for the right reason – and so should we. This is how we build – and maintain – a just and moral society.

Bud Nason lives in Littlestown, is a Conservative Thinker and an Adams County Voter. E-mail him at

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