Regardless of their political bent, it is apparent that the overwhelming majority of Times readers agree that Donald Trump is the best person to get our regulatory nightmare under control.

Now let’s talk about the economy and its recovery. And again, there is no better person able to get us back to our pre-COVID greatness than President Trump. As an example, compare what Trump wants to do with our oil and gas industry with the intentions of his opponent. The United States finally is a net exporter of those products and derivatives. Although Biden now conveniently claims he is not for banning fracking, in numerous videos he has said exactly the opposite, including the primary debates. As with everything, his campaign is being politically massaged by his handlers. We would lose thousands of jobs in western PA if Biden would have his way.

Will Tallman is a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (R-Adams) and current Chair of Adams County Republican Committee.

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