It was not long ago that the political parties presented their visions and asked for voters’ support in elections. The losing party examined what they did wrong, resolved to do better next time, and got to work as the opposition, working occasionally in cooperation with the other party, often in opposition. The Republicans, in general, stood for individual liberty, law and order, fiscal restraint, strong national defense, and judicial restraint.

That political system is likely gone forever. And so, seemingly, is that Republican party. Saddled by their base with toxic positions on abortion, guns, and Russia, and with a 40-plus year record of skyrocketing deficits on their watch, the Republican party has lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight presidential elections and has underperformed in three straight national election cycles, accomplishing the all-but-impossible task of not taking control of the Senate in 2022.

Leon Reed is a former US Senate aide and US history teacher. He is the co-chair of Gettysburg DFA, The opinions are his own.

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